What's on a Texas Voting Ballot?


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A voting ballot in the state of Texas can include proposed constitutional amendments as well as candidates for local, statewide and nationwide elections for both party primaries and the general election. These voting options vary by year, election cycle, and whether a special election has been called.

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Specific information detailing what is on the Texas voting ballot for each scheduled election cycle is available on the Texas Secretary of State's website, along with a full calendar of election dates and voter registration deadlines.

In the case of a planned constitutional amendment election, the Texas voting ballot includes the short form language of each of the proposed constitutional amendments, provided in both Spanish and English. Expanded language and further legislative and historical context is available on the Texas Secretary of State's website or in the voting packet provided by the state of Texas for each election.

In the case of individuals running for election in the state of Texas, the Texas Secretary of State's website, as an unbiased entity, provides basic candidate information such as name and political party affiliation. Further candidate information and up-to-date party endorsements can be found on the respective websites of the Texas Republican, Democratic, Libertarian and Green Parties.

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