What's Included in a Free Work History Report?

A free work history report includes information about previous employment, including the employer’s name and how long the person worked there. Some work history reports are combined with a typical background check, which includes a lot more information.

Work history reports are typically obtained by employers who want to verify the work history reported on a job application. It informs that employer of where the person worked and lets the employer check the dates given to him. Some work history reports also include information about the applicant's termination and whether or not he quit voluntarily or was fired.

When the work history report is pulled as part of a background check, it also includes information like driving records, criminal history, credit records and court records. More extensive background checks also include the individual's educational background, whether or not he ever applied for workers’ compensation, character references and state licensing records. They might also include drug testing records, medical records, property ownership information and whether or not the applicant is on a sex offender list.

It is a good idea for job applicants to pull their own work history report to see exactly what is included. This helps them prepare for questions about the information listed on it when the time comes.