Are Rush Poppers Legal to Buy?

Buying rush poppers is legal provided the buyer does not intend to inhale or ingest them for the purpose of getting high, as of 2016. Rush poppers contain isobutyl nitrite, according to Isobutyl nitrite is banned under the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988,. as indicated on

The Anti-Drug Abuse Act contains an exemption for the chemical when used for commercial purposes, which it defines as any purpose other than use as an inhalant. This essentially forbids the products from being sold or used as inhalants for the purpose of getting high, but permits the products to be sold for other purposes, explains LGBT Foundation.

Manufacturers have taken to labeling the products as room odorizers and video head and leather cleaners to evade authorities. Manufacturers also develop new chemicals hat mimic the effect of banned substances and tout them as new formulas which are a never-ending cat-and-mouse game manufacturers have to play with regulators, explains When regulators ban a specific compound, manufacturers devise another, and the business carries on as usual.