How Do You Run for Congress?

How Do You Run for Congress?

The first step to running for Congress is to research vital information. Next, raise money, and file the necessary paperwork. Finally, hire a qualified press person to help publicize your campaign, and prepare your family for the transition.

  1. Do your research

    Find out who else is running for the position you are seeking. Consider whether people will support your candidacy and are willing to help fund your campaign. Weigh your options to see if your decision is viable.

  2. Raise money

    Find ways to raise money for your campaign. You need funds to buy television advertising and travel across the congressional district, among other expenses.

  3. File the necessary paperwork

    Fill out the necessary paperwork from the Federal Election Commission. Find out how much you need in your campaign account to be considered a candidate. Continue raising money to meet these needs.

  4. Hire a press person

    Hire a qualified spokesman to help publicize your election campaign. He should have a good understanding of politics in general. He is responsible for promoting your campaign through different media outlets, including social media.

  5. Prepare your family

    Ensure that you have the support of your family. Prepare yourself and your family for personal attacks from opposition researchers. Take the necessary precautions, and avoid doing things that provide the opposition with ammunition.