What Are the Rules for Wearing U.S. Navy Uniforms?


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Rules for wearing U.S. Navy uniforms include only wearing the authorized components without any conspicuous accessories, and wearing the appropriate uniform for the occasion. The U.S. Navy has three types of uniforms: dress uniforms that are worn on formal occasions, service uniforms for everyday office wear and working uniforms for everyday non-office wear. A full guide to uniform regulations is available online at Public.Navy.Mil, as of 2015.

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To view the guide, visit the Public.Navy.Mil home page and place the cursor over Headquarter Sites. On the drop-down menu that appears, click Navy Personnel Command. Place the cursor over Support and Services, and then place it over U.S. Navy Uniforms on the drop-down menu. From the new menu that appears, click Uniform Regulations. Click a chapter to view its contents, or click a uniform category to view uniform options in that category and the components of each uniform.

Each uniform has basic components that the soldier must wear and that the Navy provides. It also has optional items that the soldier can wear if desired, which the Navy also provides. Additionally, uniforms have optional items that soldiers can wear, but must obtain themselves. The Navy doesn't authorize any conspicuous items, as these draw unnecessary attention and detract from the uniform's professional appearance.

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