What Are the Rules for Section 8 Tenants?


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Persons approved for Section 8 housing must legally meet all obligations required by the public housing authority including finding eligible housing within PHA jurisdiction, pay a security deposit, pay a portion of the rent and abide by the terms set in the landlord's lease agreement. Additionally, Section 8 tenants are obligated to notify the public housing authority about changes in family size, income or a decision to move to another location.

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Public housing tenants must take the initiative to seek out suitable housing within the limits set by Section 8 rules. Prospective tenants should seek rental units advertised as friendly to Section 8 occupancy. If Section 8 isn't mentioned in the property advertisement, placing a call to the landlord, or property manager, is a quick way to find out if Section 8 units are available. Once a property is found, housing voucher holders must complete and turn in required paperwork to the landlord and public housing authority.

Before securing a rental unit, housing voucher holders must come up with enough money to pay the entire security deposit, which is usually equivalent to one month's rent. The Section 8 program does not cover this cost. Public housing tenants must have a steady income to pay the remaining portion of monthly rent not covered by the Section 8 contract.

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