What Are the Rules for Myrtle Beach Taxi Fare Charges?

In 2014, the taxi rate for Myrtle Beach is a $1.50 drop rate plus $2.80 per mile, according to TripAdvisor. If the taxi is stuck in traffic, there is an added fee of approximately $23 per hour. Yellow Checker Cab indicates there is an additional fee of $1.00 per passenger over age 15 and the city council sets the fees, so all cab companies charge the same rates.

Taxis use meters to calculate the fare, according to Jamie Page Deaton for HowStuffWorks. The drop rate is the fee for the taxi to stop and the passenger to enter. Once the driver presses the start button, the meter enters the drop fee and begins calculating miles it travels and time spent. The meter keeps track of pulses on both time and distance, adding to the fare as they pass. Taking a taxi in rush hour usually costs more than taking it when traffic is moving normally.

If the taxi leaves one jurisdiction and moves into another city, the rates often change. Some jurisdictions also allow a flat fee for services such as dropping or picking up passengers at an airport, according to Deaton. In many municipalities, the laws require posting of fees on the doors of the taxis. This gives the passenger an idea of what to expect before entering the cab.