What Are the Rules of Air Force Baseball?


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The Air Force follows the same rules as other baseball players. Players follow a game that is nine innings long and consists of three outs before the team in the field goes up to bat. Outs occur when three strikes are made, a fly-ball is caught and a batter is touched with a caught ball at first base.

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A batter in Air Force baseball may obtain a strike in one of three ways: he swings and misses the ball, the ball is thrown into the strike zone and not hit or a foul ball is hit.

A foul ball is a ball that is hit so it rolls to the outer line from the home plate to first base or outside the line that goes from home plate to third base. The strike zone covers the width of the home plate and is located between the shoulders and knees of the batter. Pitchers that throw a ball outside the strike zone, which are not hit, are called "balls." Batters can walk to first base if four balls are struck before striking out.

When a ball is hit and the player makes it to second base, the play is called a "double." If he makes it to third base, the play is known as a 'triple'. Players can overrun first base and be considered safe if they run past it before the first baseman catches the ball.

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