What Are Some Rules for Adoption in Kansas?

According to the Kansas legislature, any adult or husband and wife team may adopt as long as they meet the state requirements. Any person wanting to adopt in the state of Kansas must file a written petition complete with background checks, residency information, affidavit and financial records, according to KSLegislature.org.

Potential adopters must have the means necessary to care for a child by providing emotional support, love and financial support. The rules set forth by the Kansas legislature also state that a potential adopter must possess dependability, flexibility and stability to a new child.

Another rule set by the Kansas legislature regards homestudy as an important part of the adoption process, and all adopters must go through a homestudy. A caseworker visits the home and draws up a written document about the family. In some cases, this may speed up the adoption process as it lets adoption agencies know a family is approved.

The Kansas legislature requires all adoption requests to be heard by the court. Adopters receive notice of a hearing and must appear to see the petition of adoption through, according to AdoptKSKids.org.

Although there are adoption fees in Kansas, the rules regarding the fee amount allow each agency to set their own fees and in many cases, adopters may adopt a child at little to no cost.