How Do You Rule the World?


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It is not feasible for an individual to rule the world. Although "rule the world" is a common expression used to convey the idea of gaining ultimate power, the actual probability of doing so is a much different story. Issues making the feat a near impossibility include population, cultural differences, religious components and feuding on multiple levels.

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The world is a very large place comprised of billions of people. Due to differences in culture, heritage and values, people think very differently from one another. This is historically what led to the separation of the earth into many different regions and countries. Furthermore, within these regions and countries exist factions that disagree with one another. The motivation behind the disagreements may be rooted in politics, religion, business, finances or any combination thereof.

In order to rule the world, one would have to devise a way to join many different religions, governments and cultures peacefully. The chances of doing this without asserting force in the process is likely not possible. Individuals who have attempted to conquer the world not only gained reputations for being tyrannical, but met bitter defeat in battle. Any person or organization that actually did achieve world power would be challenged with maintaining that peace through effective leadership that services the needs of billions of people, which is another improbability.

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