What Are the Romantic Scams the Army Warns About?

romantic-scams-army-warns Credit: charlie schuck/UpperCut Images/Getty Images

The U.S. Army warns the public about romance scams that typically involve individuals posing as military servicemen on social media or online dating sites in order to scam victims out of money. These scammers typically begin an online romance with a victim and then request substantial amounts of money.

Perpetrators of the romance scam often adopt the names and ranks of real military officers, pairing this factual information with photos of soldiers taken from the Internet. Scammers may steal the identities of either currently active or retired service members. They then use this information to create false profiles on online dating sites, claiming to be serving overseas.

After making contact with a potential victim, the scammer begins a romantic exchange before proceeding to ask for money. The request for funds may come with various reasons attached, such as money for travel, Internet expenses, international telephones and even military leave papers. The perpetrator may explain the request for money by claiming that he is unable to access his bank accounts overseas.

All of these claims are completely fraudulent, as the government covers soldiersÂ’ expenses for travel, Internet access and telephone services. Soldiers also have access to bank accounts when serving, and it is not possible for soldiers to pay for military leave. Anyone requesting money to cover any kind of expenses while serving is almost certainly attempting to perpetrate a scam.