What Is the Role of Canada's Department of Citizenship and Immigration?

The Canadian Department of Citizenship and Immigration grants citizenship, issues passports and travel documents, manages the arrival of immigrants and refugees and offers various programs to that help newcomers settle in Canada, as states the Department of Citizenship and Immigration. The department also helps to promote multiculturalism within Canada.

The Department of Citizenship and Immigration offers many services directly to Canadians and non-Canadians, including passport applications, residency applications, work permits, education visas and citizenship applications, states the department. The department provides many forms and applications online, at CIC.GC.ca.

Citizenship and Immigration follows the laws set out for its mandate in the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Act, explains the department's website. Additionally, the department is also responsible for handling the Citizenship Act and the Canadian Multiculturalism Act, and shares responsibility for the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, as of 2015. The government of Canada created the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada in 1994.

To fulfill its obligation to handle the various laws it's responsible for, Citizenship and Immigration develops and implements various polices to meet its priorities, explains the department. Departmental priorities include managing the arrival and integration of newcomers to Canada while still protecting the health and safety of Canadians; meeting humanitarian goals by protecting refugees; and working with all Canadians to increase understanding between cultures in a multicultural country.