What Rights Does a Teenage Parent Have?

rights-teenage-parent Credit: Rosemarie Gearhart/E+/Getty Images

Legal rights for teen parents vary from state to state, just like for adult parents. These rights include custody and control over the child, cooperation and obedience from the child, right to the child's earnings and right to sue if someone wrongfully injures or kills the child, according to TeensAdvisor.com.

Generally speaking, each state recognizes that a parent has an equal right to custody and a duty to support the minor child. This includes teen parents, even if the teen is a minor himself. However, while teen parents have parental rights and responsibilities to their child, the teen's parents have the same rights over that teen, according to Advocates for Children of New Jersey.

Legally, teen parents have the right to decide how to raise a child, setting the rules for behavior, discipline, education, religion, consent to activities and consent to medical care. A teen parent is not required to leave school to care for a child. A teen can also consent or refuse medical treatment for the child. Some teen parents may be eligible for financial assistance through Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Medicaid and food stamps. Advocates for Children of New Jersey notes that eligibility depends on the state in which the teen resides and his income level or education.