What Are the Rights and Responsibilities of a Legal Guardian?


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A legal guardian has the right to determine a child's residence and decide the child's educational services, according to California Courts. The legal guardian is responsible for taking care of the child's medical and dental needs, managing finances and maintaining th child's personal property.

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The legal guardian has the right to make decisions about medical treatments for the child, but in many states, the courts mandate that a child must receive counseling or mental health services if needed, as stated by California Courts. However, a child cannot be placed in a mental health institution without a court order or at the request of the child.

Legal guardians are typically required to submit annual status reports to the courts or meet with social workers or court investigators, as noted by California Courts. Just as parents are responsible for the damages or harm a child causes, so are guardians. For example, if a child is in a car accident or causes damage to property, the legal guardian is held responsible.

It is the responsibility of the legal guardian to ensure the child adheres to the living arrangements stipulated by the courts and adheres to visitation orders with biological parents, according to California Courts.

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