What rights do property owners have?


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A property owner has the right to occupy his land, plant vegetation on his property, improve and place fixtures on his land, and access valuable things in or under his property, according to LegalMatch. A property owner also has air space rights.

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What rights do property owners have?
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A property owner has the right to ask a court to stop interferences that to which he does not consent, such as pollution and excessive noise, as stated by LegalMatch. A property owner has the right to use any natural waterways that cross his land, and he has a right to stop his neighbors from somehow changing their land in a way that damages the property owner's land or structures.

A property owner can exercise his rights, but he cannot do so in a way that interferes with other landowners' rights. Also, there may be laws, rules and regulations set by local and state government that restrict certain use of the property owner's land. The government can use its power of eminent domain and take away the property owner's land. There may be certain restrictions outlined on the property deed at the time of purchase, and these restrictions are almost always valid unless they contradict public policy, advises LegalMatch.

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