What Rights Do You Have When Asked to Report for Jury Duty?


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When selected for jury duty a person cannot be fired from their job due to absenteeism, a juror has the right to accommodations for disabilities or other health issues while serving and the right to reschedule service dates if there is a medical procedure, travel plans or care issue for a child or elderly person. There are options to be excused from jury duty, but these are difficult to obtain.

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People serving jury duty are also entitled to daily pay. This pay does not effect unemployment in most states. It is a taxable income, but generally, tax forms are not sent out unless the juror reaches a certain amount of income from the service.

If a juror has to put their child in child care during jury duty a number of states offer reimbursement for the child care services and related expenses. There are generally no requirements for a person's employer to pay them during their absence unless the juror wants to use their vacation time to cover this, although some employers will pay voluntarily.

The courts do everything they can to protect the jurors during a trial and encourage the jurors to inform them if they do not feel safe or if they have been threatened. This is also a reason why recording devices are not permitted in many trials.

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