What Are the Rights of an American?

What Are the Rights of an American?

Rights of Americans include the rights of speaking freely, possessing firearms, refusing to harbor soldiers, remaining silent when accused of a crime, a speedy trial and protection from cruel punishment. These rights are enumerated in the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution.

The First Amendment secures free speech without punishment from the government, including freedom of assembly. Citizens can petition their government regarding various grievances. The First Amendment also guarantees a free press.

The Second Amendment outlines that people can have firearms for the sake of security. The Third Amendment details a citizen's right to refuse refuge to soldiers during peace or war time.

The Fourth Amendment safeguards against undue seizures or searches by the government. Authorities must obtain a warrant before they have a right to search a citizen's property or belongings. The Fifth Amendment preserves a person's right to remain silent unless indicted by a grand jury. Another clause in this amendment protects individuals from being tried twice for the same offense. Americans also cannot have their property taken away without being fairly compensated.

Under the Sixth Amendment, citizens have a right to a fair trial. This amendment enumerates the right of the accused to assemble witnesses to support his case and retain legal counsel. A citizen also has a right to an impartial jury. The Eighth Amendment forbids excessive fines and harsh retaliation from the government.