How Do You Find Rich People Giving Money Away to Needy Strangers?

Crowdfunding websites reliably connect needy people with rich donors and other charitable givers. Some well-respected sites of this type include Fundly, YouCaring, GiveForward and GoFundMe.

Most crowdfunding sites charge fundraisers a small percentage of the funds raised, which is typically under 10 percent. For example, GiveForward charges fundraisers 7.9 percent of raised funds plus 50 cents per donation transaction.

Crowdfunding charity donors typically donate more to individuals and families suffering from difficult circumstances. Donors readily help people deal with medical bills, rent bills and other emergency expenses. Needy people also typically receive help with adoptions, mission trips and educational goals. However, wealthy donors can fund any kind of needy individual.

Charity crowdfunding sites are distinct from Kickstarter and Indiegogo, the two most prominent crowdfunding sites as of 2015. Although all crowdfunding sites use similar mechanics, sites such as Kickstarter service for-profit startup companies. In contrast, charity sites crowdfund nonprofit organizations and individuals with needs.

Another way to meet wealthy donors is to use a "sugar daddy" or "sugar momma" dating site. These sites connect young users with wealthy older people who are willing to exchange money or gifts for romantic involvement. Because online romance scams are prominent, users should exercise caution when using these sites.

Panhandling sites such as and are also valuable resources for people interested in donations.