How Do You Do a Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup?


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To do a reverse cell phone number lookup, visit sites such as SpyDialer.com, PeopleSmart.com, ReversePhoneLookup.com and Whitepages.com, enter the cell phone number in the appropriate field, and run the search. Yellowpages.com offers reverse phone number searches for business numbers.

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To run a reverse lookup at SpyDialer.com, enter the cell phone number in the field on the home page, click Search, choose a lookup from the options, and click on Search again. If the cell phone number is valid, a page showing the name and the general location of the phone owner appears. In addition to cell phones, the SpyDialer service works for landlines.

At Whitepages.com, select the Phone option at the home page, enter the cell phone number in the field provided, and click Search. If the number is valid, a page showing information such as the line carrier and the state of the possible owner appears. This procedure also applies for running a lookup at PeopleSmart.com and ReversePhoneLookup.com.

However, at PeopleSmart, you have to submit your name and email address to view the lookup results. If you apply for premium membership, you get access to more information, such as court records, birth records and work information. You also get alerts whenever the site updates information regarding saved searches.

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