How Do You Retrieve Unclaimed Funds Through the Texas Refund Department?


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You can retrieve unclaimed funds through the Texas Refund Department by accessing the Search Unclaimed Property tool at the State of Texas Comptroller's website and filing a claim for the funds, explains the State of Texas Comptroller. The office charges a handling fee for processing claims.

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The claim form on the State of Texas Comptroller's website includes instructions and outlines any additional documentation you may need. All claims have general requirements, including the forms of identification the office accepts if someone other than the original owner files the claim. Verification of the reported address is also necessary, as well as a copy of the death certificate and probated will or other document of heirship in the case of a deceased original owner. You also need copies of specific documentation relating to the type of property, including an insurance policy or bank statement.

You should complete, sign and return the form with a copy of your identification if you cannot provide all of the requested documents, the State of Texas Comptroller explains. Some cases allow ownership determination based on information you provide. Once the Texas Refund Department has received the claim form, it reviews the case. If there is not sufficient proof showing ownership of the unclaimed funds, you may need to provide further information. As of 2015, the department generally processes and pays claims within three to four months of receipt.

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