How Do You Find Results of Daily Senate Votes?

How Do You Find Results of Daily Senate Votes? and provide tools for viewing, searching and tracking votes in the Senate., the official government website for the U.S. Senate, provides a complete record of the Senate's roll call votes, including the issue and question, result, tally and date of the vote. is a privately maintained government transparency site that also covers action in the House of Representatives.'s front voting page gives the results of the last five votes, with a link to the complete table for all votes for the current congressional session. It also offers the roll call tables for previous sessions going back to the 101st in 1989. Each entry in the table gives links to the bill or other issue that was the subject of the vote, the specific question, whether the vote was passed, agreed to or confirmed, and the precise tally of yeas, nays and abstains.

The tally displays the individual votes of every senator, listed alphabetically by senator name as well as by vote position and home state, allowing citizens to see the voting records of their own elected senators. It shows the exact date and time of the vote and what was required for a majority. The site includes all this data and presents it in more easily digested charts and graphs, in addition to noting statistically atypical votes.