What Are the Responsibilities of the U.S. Department of Labor Board?


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The U.S. Department of Labor's Administrative Review Board is responsible for administering final agency decisions regarding worker protection laws, immigration provisions, child labor, employment discrimination, job training, seasonal employees and federal service contracts. The Secretary of Labor empowers the Administrative Review Board (ARB) to overturn decisions and appeals made by other Department of Labor (DOL) agencies.

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Examples of worker protection laws that fall under the jurisdiction of the ARB include whistleblower protection for the environmental, transportation and securities industries. Individuals with cases adjudicated by the Department of Labor Administrative Law Judges can elect to appeal decisions made by that agency and have the case brought to the highest court within DOL, which is the ARB.

Individuals who wish to appeal decisions made by the Administrator of the Department's Wage and Hour Division may also elect to have their case reviewed by the ARB. In each case, the ARB's decision represents the final word on behalf of the U.S. Secretary of Labor, and it can only be overturned by an empowered federal district or appellate court with jurisdiction over the statute being appealed. If no such federal court exists, or it has made a decision already, only the United States Supreme Court can overturn a decision made by the ARB.

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