What Are the Responsibilities of the New York Attorney General?


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The attorney general of the state of New York advises the executive branch of state government as well as defend proceedings and actions on behalf of the state. The New York state attorney general's office works to protect investors, consumers, charitable donors, civil rights, wage-earners and business across the state.

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The authority of the attorney general also includes investigations and activities within the State Organized Crime Task Force and Medicaid Fraud Unit. The attorney general also works with state agencies or the governor to undertake responsibilities involved with certain prosecutions and criminal investigations.

The department is broken up into different units that handle a variety of different matters. The criminal division handles auto insurance fraud, has an organized crime task force and deals with criminal prosecutions. The division of economic justice works in consumer fraud and protection, Internet, and investment protection. The social justice division works with civil rights, environmental protection and health care. The division of state counsel works in civil recoveries, claims and litigation.

There are over 600 assistant attorneys general and over 2,000 employees as of 2015 that serve the office of the attorney general across the state of New York, according to the office of the New York attorney general.

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