How Do You Respond Online to Government Surveys?


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Respond to government surveys by searching the survey on the website of the applicable city, state or federal government, assuming the government allows you to respond online. Federal and state agencies typically offer an online response option, but small cities or towns may not.

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State governments typically make it possible for citizens to respond to their surveys online, although they usually provide a printable paper copy as well. To respond online to a survey, search for it on your city or state's official website. Otherwise, fill out the paper version that was mailed to you and mail it back. Sometimes, the paper copy of a survey gives the respondent information that he needs to respond to the survey online or states whether it is possible for the respondent to fill out the survey online.

Small towns with fewer Internet resources may not conduct surveys online at all. These towns often mail any surveys directly to their residents instead.

The national census is conducted once every 10 years. The Census Bureau plans to conduct future censuses via the Internet as the primary means of response in order to increase responses. The Census Bureau also conducts a number of surveys in addition to the census itself. All of these can be responded to online. Even if you receive a copy of the survey in the mail, you can still respond to it online.

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