Are There Any Free Resources for Verifying Social Security Numbers?


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The E-Verify program compares the information from an applicant’s I-9 form, including his Social Security number, to a government database to verify that he is eligible for employment. To use the program, the employee and employer complete their respective portions of the form, the employer enters the information into E-Verify, and the program displays the results within a few seconds. The program is available free to employers who enroll.

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E-Verify has access to information available to the Department of Homeland Security through its documents. This information includes data from visas, passports, state-issued drivers' licenses and identity cards, and Social Security records. It also includes information concerning immigration and naturalization. As part of the process of verifying the employee for the job, E-Verify checks his Social Security number.

In many instances, E-Verify displays a photo of the original documents, allowing the employer to verify that the applicant's submitted documents are unaltered. If the documents match, most applicants receive their approval for employment within seconds from the system. If the forms do not match, the system classifies the applicant with a tentative nonconformant status.

As of 2015, over 600,000 employers use E-Verify to confirm Social Security numbers and other I-9 data. It is the only free online service that compares this data to records and provides almost immediate results

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