What Are Some Free Resources for Finding Jail Booking Records?


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The official websites of law enforcement agencies provide access to public records, such as jail booking records and inmate information, at no cost. The searcher may need to provide basic information, such as booking date, number or the name of the person being searched.

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The website of a police department usually provides daily up-to-date arrest logs, while the country sheriff's office is responsible for providing jail records, such as booking number, reasons for arrest, court trial schedule and other records available for public use. Many sheriff's offices, such as in Vanderburgh County, disclose recent jail booking records on their websites publicly, while some counties, such as Boulder County in Colorado, release information viewable and downloadable PDF documents.

The arrest and jail booking logs on the websites of police departments usually provide records for a limited amount of time, usually 30 days, while the sheriff departments usually publicized records of the inmate until the releasing date or up to a year. The sheriff departments of most counties only release booking records of individuals currently detained or booked inside a jail facility. Some departments usually do not include records of released inmates or individuals serving probation. Similarly, law enforcement agencies do not post juvenile booking records to protect the rights of the minors.

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