What Resources Can Be Used to Find Out If a Divorce Has Been Filed?

resources-can-used-out-divorce-filed Credit: Sally Williams Photography/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images

The resources used to find out if a divorce has been filed are informational details from the local court clerk and the state’s website. Contact information for the local court clerk can be searched on the Web. Public divorce records are found at the county level, and they give all details in regards to a filed divorce.

These resources provide all details with regard to the divorce. Details about the ex-spouse, the date of the marriage, income of both spouses, children of the marriage, if there are any, their names and birthdates are all contained in the divorce records. The public divorce records have the in-depth information regarding custody arrangements, divorce settlement, whether or not to pay alimony and the accusations of domestic abuse or restraining orders filed. These records can be obtained at no charge, but some states or counties charge a fee.

When there are suspicions if a person went through the entire divorce process or not, these records are very instrumental in establishing such information. When determining genealogy or doing family tree research, divorce records locate relatives through details of names, birthplaces and birthdates. When digging for divorce records, it is advisable to search at the state level first and work down to the county level.