What Do Residents' Associations Do?


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Residents' associations address certain issues within their local areas. They act as a voice for the community and represent the interest of the residents of a particular area. They are also a way for people to know their neighbors, share ideas and talk about decisions that affect the community.

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Some of the issues that residents' associations deal with include the improvement of services and communication in the area, traffic problems, play facilities and social events. They also convene to deal with issues on loss of local facilities and amenities and anti-social behavior in the community.

Residents' associations have existed in one form or another since the mid nineteenth century. The organization's structure often consists of a chair, a vice chair, a treasurer, a secretary and committee members. Each of these members have roles and obligations in the residents' association. Residents nominate the individuals who hold these positions and they can challenge or alter them.

A major or controversial issue often stimulates the formation of a residents' association. However, other associations address a wide spectrum of problems in the local community. Some associations may promote candidates for office in order to increase their leverage. Others choose to stay out of politics and work as action and advocacy groups.

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