How Do You Get a Residential Phone Number?

You can get a residential phone number from your phone provider either by getting a new phone plan or by transferring your old home phone number. AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Frontier are four phone companies that offer residential phone plans, and you can sign up for these plans online.

AT&T offers a wireless home phone set that connects to the AT&T wireless network. If you have a prior home number, you can transfer it to the wireless phone; otherwise, AT&T gives you a new home phone number. Verizon has an online number porting process you complete to transfer a number to your new wireless home line. For new home phone lines without pre-existing numbers, Verizon gives you an activation number to dial to get your phone and number operating.

T-Mobile and Frontier both provide numbers with new phones, and T-Mobile also has a secure online page where you can transfer up to five phone numbers to your new home lines. You need a website account in order to process the transfer. T-Mobile takes up to 24 hours to transfer one line, and sends a text message confirmation once the process is completed. T-Mobile contacts your previous phone companies in order to complete the home phone transfer