How Do You Research Inmates in Spartanburg County?

How Do You Research Inmates in Spartanburg County?

You can research inmates in Spartanburg County by visiting the official website of the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office and using the available inmate lookup tool. The sheriff's office also publicizes sex offenders and individuals included in the county's most wanted list.

To search for inmates in Spartanburg County, visit, and click one of the booking photos under Inmate Search on the site's homepage. The site loads images of individuals arrested and booked within the last 72 hours. Click an image or a name to view the arrested person's basic profile, including inmate number, full name, date of birth, arresting officer and offense.

You may also search inmates alphabetically or by booking date by clicking the search tools under Resources on the site's homepage. The jail roster displays an alphabetical list of inmates and the inmates' booking date and the release date and time. Click an inmate's name to see the person's booking photo, offense and other basic information. The booking-date search option shows the oldest booking date on the site's database to the most recent arrests.

To access the most wanted list, hover the mouse over Resources on the top menu, and click Most Wanted. The page displays the images and information of individuals that the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office currently holds a warrant for.

The Sex Offender search tool allows the public to search for offenders within a specified area. It also provides a quick search of offenders published by city of residence, by Internet names or aliases, by phone number and by name.