How Do You Research the History of Your Home?

You can research this history of your home by searching public records, old census data, speaking to real estate agents and neighbors. Search records found at county recorder offices and libraries, or try a number of online resources.

A deed is the official document of each property and home transaction and is filed with the city, county or state office that records real estate sales, and those records are made available by the general public. The records are searchable but may require a fee to obtain copies of such records. While searching records, a chain of title can give insight as to who owned the home previously and what changes or additions were made to the home.

There are a number of online resources that search properties that may provide census or sale information listing former property owners. You can also look around the home for identifying factors that can be traced back providing the history of the property. Talk to real estate agents or neighbors to learn names of the individuals who previously owned the property and speak with former owners for more information. Libraries may have resources such as newspaper clippings and learn more about the home or the land it stands on.