How Do You Research Florida Statutes?


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Florida statutes are publicly available through the State of Florida Legislature website, leg.state.fl.us. This website includes complete information on all of the state's statutes but is not annotated. Alternatively, several private services, such as LexisNexis and Westlaw, offer access to both state and federal statutes including annotations and cross-references. These services typically require a paid subscription to access their databases of statutes with annotations.

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Many law schools, including the University of Miami, have libraries that include hard copies of the state's laws up to the most recently completed legislative sessions. These same compiled state laws are also available online at FLRules.org. This website includes the Florida Administrative Code, which may be helpful while researching statues.

Florida statutes are constantly being amended, repealed and renumbered. As such, the hard copy versions of the Laws of Florida, especially older versions, may not be sufficient for research.

The University of Miami law school recommends using an annotated source of information on Florida Statutes. These sources, including LexisNexis and Westlaw, have notes to cases construing the statutes, law review articles and other secondary sources that may be useful. Additionally, as these sources also include federal laws and other legal information, they may allow users to gain a more comprehensive understanding of Florida statutes.

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