What Are the Requirements for a Sponsor Completing the USCIS Form I-864a?


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U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service Form I-864A, Contract Between Sponsor and Household Member, is a legally binding contract in which an immigrant's U.S.-based sponsor promises to complete and file an affidavit of support based on a household member's pledge to contribute to that support. The sponsor, as well as the pledging household member, must sign the form agreeing to be jointly and severally liable for obligations incurred under the affidavit, according to USCIS.

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The household member agreeing to contribute to the immigrant's support fills out the majority of Form I-864A, and the sponsor is required to complete Part 5: Sponsor's Promise, Statement, Contact Information, Certification and Signature. The sponsor must certify that any supporting documents submitted to USCIS along with Form I-864A are true and exact copies of unadulterated original documents, notes USCIS.

The sponsor must also grant to USCIS and the U.S. Department of State permission to seek and receive information from any records that may be needed to verify and determine eligibility, The sponsor must sign Form I-864A and certify that he has fully read and understood all terms and conditions of the contract, testifying either that he reads and understands English or has used an interpreter, and that all his questions have been answered, states USCIS.

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