What Are the Requirements for Running for Mayor?

Different cities have different requirements for mayors, but generally the candidate must be a citizen of the United States, be at least 18 years old, have no debt or felony convictions, and be a resident and registered voter of the particular city. Some cities require the prospective mayor to hold no public office at the time of filing, while others require her to present a minimum number of signatures to the board of election commissioners.

All cities require the candidate to be of sound mind when applying for public office. In the city of Chicago, prospective mayors must not have unpaid taxes or debts; must not have past convictions for bribery, perjury or any felony' and must reside in the city.

Cities in Texas require the candidate to have lived in the particular city for at least one year prior to filing for candidacy. In Garden City, Georgia, the prospective mayor must have been a citizen of the state of Georgia for at least two years and have resided in the city for at least one year.

Some cities require signed petitions before a candidate files for office. In Chicago, the candidate must have at least 12,500 signatures before a particular due date. The city of Baltimore, Maryland, requires financial disclosure and a filing fee of $150.