What Are the Requirements for Passing a Military Physical Exam?


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The requirements for passing a military physical exam vary for each service. To pass a military physical exam, make sure to be within the military branch's requirements for height and weight, do not use illegal drugs and be sure to have medical documentation waivers for any pre-existing conditions. Some diagnoses that may prevent an individual from enlisting or becoming commissioned are substandard color vision, asthma, chronic skin disorders and seizure disorders.

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During a military physical exam, a physician tests an individual's height, weight, hearing, vision, and muscle group and joint maneuverability. The examiners may perform drug, alcohol, urine and blood tests. A full interview is conducted by the physician, which may include mental health or psychiatric assessments. A positive drug or alcohol test is a sure way to fail the exam. If a disqualifying condition exists, the individual can contact the examiners to request further review in an attempt to have the condition waived.

Each military branch has its own standards for height, weight, vision, hearing and other factors. Perfect hearing and vision are not required for enlistment but may be required for certain career fields. Talk to a recruiter or retention officer to find out specific requirements for a specific branch of service. To see a comprehensive list of medical disorders that may disqualify an individual from military service, visit military.com.

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