What Are the Requirements for Operating Parking Lots?


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There are many requirements for operating a parking lot, the most common of which are planning, functional requirements, safety and security, according to Whole Building Design Guide. Structural integration, operations and maintenance are other needs, as well as signs and wayfinding.

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Planning for parking lots is a complex process that requires the assistance of professionals, reports Whole Building Design Guide. Planning in an urban setup starts with site consideration. This addresses storage and movement of vehicles in various ways. Functional requirements cater to the needs of the driver and the vehicle. The automobiles’ heights, sizes and turning radii must be taken into account. The entrances and exits are also essential to the smooth operation. Security devices such as audio, video and emergency buttons are of paramount importance.

The structural integration of a parking lot must be able to withstand all environmental conditions and natural hazards, according to Whole Building Design Guide. A parking lot requires a specified program that provides the recommended and minimum frequency of maintenance due to exposure to the weather. Signage has to locate all internal pedestrian access points and external major buildings and roads. Numbering, visual cues, color coding and even machines for marking the ticket with the exact location for easy car retrieval are essential requirements as well.

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