What Are the Requirements for Immigration to Ireland From the United States?


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A U.S. citizen seeking to emigrate to Ireland needs to establish legal residency rights in Ireland by acquiring a work permit or applying for Permission to Remain status, as Transitions Abroad explains. The latter option requires applicants to provide a valid passport, proof of financial capability to support themselves and their dependents, and any information related to the reason for wanting to remain in Ireland. Only an employer can request a work permit.

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After 10 years of residency, which requires renewing permission to remain in the country at set periods if the residency does not involve a work permit, individuals may apply for residency without conditions, according to Transitions Abroad. For the first five years, individuals must renew their permission to remain yearly. Any work permit is granted for the length requested by the employer.

Individuals can also establish citizenship rights in Ireland through descent, as Transitions Abroad details. If either parent of a U.S. citizen was born in Ireland, the individual is considered Irish through birthright and can apply for an Irish passport by providing the necessary documentation at any Irish embassy or consulate. Similar birthright laws apply if an individual has a grandparent who was born in Ireland, but the application for Irish citizenship in such a case is undertaken using a more complex process that requires additional documentation.

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