What Are the Requirements for Federal Halfway Houses?


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Federal halfway houses are required to help residents with housing and employment, assist with substance abuse treatment, and maintain the inmates' mental and medical health treatment plans, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons. In addition, halfway house staff is requires to monitor inmates constantly while they are in the facility or out on approved trips.

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The BOP requires halfway houses to help inmates make the transition back into the community. The facilities must provide employment assistance, usually by working with local businesses and providing practical education. The BOP website states that most halfway-house residents are required to find work within 15 days. The government expects federal halfway houses to keep track of inmates through in-person checks, phone calls and drug tests.

A reentry facility must meet specific requirements to become a federal contractor, as stated by the BOP Acquisitions website. To start the process, the facility must find and apply for a Residential Reentry Center advertisement on the Federal Business Opportunities website. If the application moves forward, the facility is required to write an operations plan that satisfies all of the goals in the BOP's Statement of Work. All executive staff must pass background checks, and the facility must pass regular inspections by the BOP.

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