What Are the Requirements to Buy a Navy Submarine?


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Requirements to buy a submarine vary depending on the seller, but the U.S. Navy disposes of old submarines instead of selling them. Sellers with ex-military submarines may list them on online classified sites, such as MaritimeSales.com, as of 2016. Customers can purchase new submarines through recreational submarine manufacturers, such as Deepflight or Triton Submarines. Manufacturers typically require new submarine owners to take a training course.

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Once the U.S. Navy decommissions a submarine, it removes the nuclear fuel and takes out the nuclear reactor compartment for disposal. After getting rid of any hazardous materials, the Navy sends the submarine to Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton, Washington, for storage. The shipyard cuts the submarine apart and recycles its metals.

To find submarines on MaritimeSales.com, visit the site's home page, and click Other Vessels For Sale. Browse the listings for submarines. Click the reference number for additional information on a listing. The only requirement to purchase a submarine or other vessel on the site is the money to complete the purchase.

Manufacturers may include a training course with the purchase of a submarine. Courses cover piloting a submarine, maintaining it in depth and safety. Courses include in-person instruction from those with submarine experience, such as pilots, marine engineers and submariners. Training programs are strictly to instruct customers in using their submarines, as the United States doesn't require submarine pilots to have a license.

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