What Are the Requirements for Becoming a Canadian Citizen?

A permanent resident over the age of 18 applying for Canadian citizenship must take the citizenship test and provide proof he can speak and listen to French or English at an adequate level, explains the Government of Canada. A permanent resident must also declare intent to live in Canada, work outside of Canada as a servant of the Crown or live abroad with a member of his family who is a Crown servant.

A permanent resident must have previously filed personal income taxes, have permanent resident status and have lived in Canada at least 1,460 days at any point during the six years immediately preceding applying for citizenship, informs the Government of Canada.

Speaking French or English at an adequate level requires the ability to use the language in everyday conversations, use basic grammar, understand simple questions and directions, and understand enough of the language to answer questions, states the Government of Canada. Individuals between the ages of 14 and 64 must provide proof of their command of either language, and a citizenship officer confirms if an individual has the necessary knowledge of the language.

Individuals between the ages of 14 and 64 applying for citizenship must also take the citizenship exam, which tests the applicant's knowledge of Canadian history, values, institutions and symbols, according to the Government of Canada. The government sends a free copy of a study guide for the exam to all citizenship applicants.