What Are the Requirements for Attending Boot Camp Graduation in Fort Benning?

Fort Benning requires a visitor's pass and a valid photo identification from any person who is 18 years of age or older to attend a basic training graduation. Visitors can apply for a visitor's pass at the Visitors Control Center or by fax, as of 2015.

The Fort Benning Visitors Control Center is at the I-185 gate. The fax number is available on www.Benning.Army.mil. To find the fax number for a visitor's pass, visit the site's home page and click Installation Access. On the Installation Access page, click the Gate Info link. The Gate Info page provides the fax number, along with other access information.

Fort Benning runs a background check on any visitors who don't have a federal government-issued identification card. A link to the Visit Request Form Packet is available on the Gate Info page, and opens the forms as a PDF document. Faxes must have a visiting date and a return email address where Fort Benning can send the visitor's pass. Fort Benning allows visitor's pass applications up to 30 days before the visit.

After obtaining a visitor's pass, visitors enter Fort Benning at any open access control point. Fort Benning may also require visitors to show vehicle registrations and proof of insurance upon entry.