What Are the Requirements for Applications for HUD Housing in Pennsylvania?


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An individual must contact a local Public Housing Agency to apply for housing from the Department of Housing and Urban Development in Pennsylvania, according to HUD.gov. As of 2015, the local housing authority determines an applicant's eligibility for HUD housing based on annual gross income; whether the applicant is elderly, disabled or a family; and U.S. citizenship or immigration status.

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The local PHA uses income limits determined by HUD; these limits vary by area and depend on family size. In some instances, an applicant can meet the income limits in one area but not in another, explains HUD.gov.

A HUD housing application requires the name and relationship of all individuals plan to live in the home, contact information, background information, rental history and anticipated income for the next 12 months, states HUD.gov. In addition, the organization requires bank and employer information, and the PHA can choose to conduct an in-home interview. Applicants must provide documentation, such as birth certificates and tax returns to substantiate the information presented.

The PHA must provide written notification of the application outcome. If an applicant is eligible for HUD housing, his name goes on a waiting list unless the PHA is able to provide immediate assistance, according to HUD.gov.

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