What Is Required to Get a Hunting Permit in Wyoming?


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To get a hunting permit in Wyoming, individuals must pay the standard fee, show proof of identity, meet the minimum safety standards and fill out a formal application. When applying for a Wyoming hunting permit, individuals must indicate the species of animal they intend to hunt, notes the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

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Applying for a Wyoming hunting permit can be done in person or online, notes the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. To be approved as a hunter, each individual must produce relevant identification documents. The most preferred information is a Social Security number. Those without this number should issue their tax identification number. Foreign tourists wishing to hunt are required to produce their passports.

Individuals must obtain the official application form from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department offices or fill it out on the Internet. The form must be filled accurately and submitted prior to the hunting date. Some of the information to be entered include the animal species to be hunted and desired area of hunting.

Safety requirements for hunting in this region include visible clothing, with the most preferred color being fluorescent orange. Hunting fees must be paid before approval of the hunting license. The amount to be paid is indicated on the application form.

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