What Is the Required Format for Writing a Legal Motion?


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The required format for writing a legal motion includes stating the identity of the party bringing the motion, the parties being addressed, the basis of the motion, relief sought, and if a motion is being challenged, notes the Contra Costa Superior Court of California Self-Help Law Center. Both state and local courts may have their own requirements on formats.

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Generally, a motion starts out by naming the parties of the case, says Avvo. From there, the type of motion being sought is placed in the same area as the identity of the parties. The first paragraph begins with the reason why the motion is being made and what the party making the motion is requesting from the court. Follow-up paragraphs go into more specific detail and support the reason for making the motion.

When drafting the details as to why the party is seeking the motion, the reasons are listed in concise, short and simple sentences in numbered paragraph form, notes Avvo. The writer makes the presumption the judge does not remember what the case is about, so he is informing the judge of those details. Stating just the basic details of the case is done here. The party making the motion has the opportunity to further note details about the case at the hearing for the motion.

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