How Do You Request Your DD214 From the Military?

The DD214 is a document issued by the Department of Defense that identifies a veteran's condition of discharge. A veteran may use the DD214 to receive certain benefits, to apply for employment or to join veterans' organizations. The easiest way to request a copy of your DD214 or any personnel records found within your official military personnel file is to access the online eVetRecs system and fill out the request form.

  1. Access the eVetRecs system

    The National Personnel Records Center can be accessed online through eVetRecs. A military veteran or next of kin of a deceased veteran may access the system to obtain the DD214 or other personnel documents. Next of kin includes a surviving spouse that has not remarried, parent, child or sibling.

  2. Enter the required information

    Enter certain basic information to help the system process your request, including: veteran's complete name used in service, service number, Social Security number, branch of service, dates of service, birth date and birthplace. To obtain records for a deceased veteran, the next of kin must produce proof of death, such as a death certificate, letter from the funeral home or published obituary.

  3. Check the status of your request

    The NPRC usually responds to requests for the DD214 within 10 days of the request. To avoid additional delays in processing the paperwork, do not send up a follow-up request before 90 days have elapsed.