What Are Some Reputable Quizzes That Help You Figure Out Your Political Party?


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The Public Broadcasting Service offers a free, 12-question quiz to determine political party leanings on its website, PBS.org. The quiz is based on survey results by the Pew Research Center. People-Press.org has a longer, 23-question quiz that is also backed by the Pew Research Center.

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PBS.org's political party quiz has 12 questions that ask the user to read a statement and determine his stance on the issue from choices that include "completely agree," "mostly agree," "mostly disagree" and "completely disagree." The statements focus on topics such as whether there should be stricter laws concerning environmental regulations, whether gays and lesbians should be able to marry and whether abortion should be legal or illegal.

The results of the PBS quiz provide the user with an overall standing, a standing on economic issues and a standing on social issues. Each user is placed on a spectrum from very liberal to very conservative. It also assigns the user a party title, for example, "average Democrat," "moderate Republican," or "average independent."

The quiz at People-Press.org is made up of 23 questions that provide two alternative statements and ask the user to click on the statement that is most closely aligned to his view. For example, "Homosexuality should be accepted by society" versus "Homosexuality should be discouraged by society." The results section assigns a title to the user such as "solid liberal," "hard pressed skeptic," "business conservative" or "bystander." The results also identify how much of the American population fits into the same category and assign a political party label, such as Democrat, Republican or Independent.

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