What Do Republicans Think About Immigration?

republicans-think-immigration Credit: Getty Images/Getty Images News/Getty Images

As of 2014, a majority of Republicans are in favor of expanding enforcement of current immigration law and giving more authority to state and local governments to carry out enforcement. Republicans also generally oppose legislation that would provide a path to citizenship or legal status for current illegal immigrants but support those immigrants who enter the country legally.

As with any issue, the views of Republicans on immigration vary between individuals, but the public may find the most common opinions on immigration and other important issues in the Republican Party platform. The platform has much to say about immigration. Mainly, that the Republican party seeks to expand enforcement of immigration law in a number of ways. Republicans encourage the use of electronic systems to verify the immigration status of employment applicants and the incarcerated.

The party opposes lawsuits initiated by the federal government that seek to limit the authority of state governments with regard to immigration enforcement and wants to expand the use of a law that allows the federal government to share responsibility with state and local governments. In response to a large demand for foreign labor, Republicans support a law that would initiate a guest worker program giving foreign nationals the ability to legally work in the country on a temporary basis.