Why Is Republicanism Important?

Republicanism is important because, when applied to a political system, it gives citizens sovereign authority over government instead of making their lives and rights subordinate to government. When nations follow republican principles, citizens actively participate in politics while exercising civic virtue, a practice that hinders the spread of corruption. Republicanism promotes freedom and self-sufficiency, making for a more virtuous, better-informed populace.

Republicanism is a political ideology that stresses the role of the citizen and the notion that government derives its legitimacy from a sovereign people. Government officials are not indispensable. They are elected by the people, from among the people, and are answerable to the people. Thus, republican principles protect citizens from usurpation by monarchs who rule arbitrarily and without personal regard for the law.

Republicanism fosters good citizenship. In a republic, the people are responsible for a good government. Thus, they are expected to be law-abiding, educated and honorable. Furthermore, a republic flourishes when citizens enjoy economic independence and self-efficacy. Poverty leads people to become dependent on government and vote out of a hope for material gain, regardless of possible encroachments on others' rights. Thus, republicanism promotes self-reliance and gives people a moral and civic incentive to stay out of poverty.