How Do You Report Telephone Harassment or Obscene Phone Calls?

Report telephone harassment to the local police department. File a report at a police station or online, or call the non-emergency number to report the harassment unless you are in imminent danger. Call 911 if the person harassing you seriously threatens your life or threatens to confront you in person.

Some police departments offer online reporting on their websites. Read the instructions carefully to make sure the incident you report is appropriate for the online reporting system. Whether you file a report online, by phone, or in person, provide as much detail as possible. Give the police your contact information so they can update you on their investigation and ask more questions if necessary. Tell the police everything you know about the telephone harasser including the description or name of the harasser, the phone number or numbers the harasser calls from, how frequently you are harassed, and what the harasser says to you.

If telephone harassment is an ongoing issue, take notes or recordings of when the calls happen and the content of the calls. Give copies of these notes or recordings to the police. If you have already filed a police report but the harassment escalates, do not hesitate to file another report or call 911 if it is an emergency.