How Do You Report Someone to the IRS?


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To report someone to the IRS, you must use IRS Form 3949-A and fill in identifying information about the person or organization you are reporting, according to the IRS. The form is available on the IRS website or can be ordered by calling the Tax Fraud Hotline.

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IRS Form 3949-A requires you to identify the type of alleged violation of income tax law. The IRS states that it never shares information about you with the individual or organization you are reporting, and information about yourself is not required to process the report.

Tax fraud includes a range of activities identified by the IRS, such as false exemptions or deductions, kickbacks, false or altered documents, failure to pay tax, unreported income, multiple filings to collect fraudulent refunds, organized crime, misuse of public office or failure to withhold.

Other reasons to report tax misconduct require separate forms, states the IRS. These activities include someone else using your Social Security number, suspected misconduct by a tax preparer or tax preparation company or misconduct by an employee plan or by an exempt organization such as a church. Procedures also exist for reporting "phishing" by entities falsely claiming to be the IRS.

The statute of limitations on tax fraud is generally six years after the false report or failure to report, according to Forbes. However, the statute may be "tolled," or suspended, if the target of the investigation is outside the United States or is a fugitive.

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